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Things things things. Work's picking up somewhat with the holidays, I'm trying to fight my procrastinating habits, house still isn't on the market, etc etc. Nothing to exciting going on in my corner of the world. I can't apply for the Wyoming job until December, either, alas.

I'm completely caught up on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I'm going through Arrested Development and The Rat Patrol in my spare time. Dropped a few more shows, picked a few up. ELEMENTARY ♥_♥ Also super loving Vegas, and Ben & Kate is adorbs.

I'm doing both Yuletide and Saturnalia this year, and also I evidently signed up to write a holiday story for Sherlock, which I don't actually recall doing but that's okay! Signing up for things while I'm half-asleep!

Also, I've kind of started a pet project, which is writing Star Trek AUs for different fandoms, with the AUs all existing in the same universe, although probably not interacting with each other at all. There'll be few recurring character in-universe though, maybe! I'm just really excited about this! I've only finished & posted one, but I'll probably put a few more up in the next couple of weeks. They will almost all be standalones, and I don't think anyone is actually going to read them, but that's okay because I'm just excited to write them, lol.

The Detective's Companion - [Elementary, 3500 words, pre-Sherlock/Joan] - is the first one. I think I'm going to work on either the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert (they're covering the election for the United Federation of Planets presidency!) or the In Plain Sight (Starfleet totally still has marshals and witsec) one next.

Other things! It's in the 80s here! It's ridiculous! It's November, why is it so hot! Why am I so tired!? (Seriously, why am I so tired.) Oh, and since I just noticed I've been absolutely terrible with this -

Recent fics I've posted to AO3:

your hands (can heal; can bruise) - Elementary, 700 words, pre-Sherlock/Joan
it comes with a price - MASH, 1500 words, post-series Hawkeye fic, Hawkeye/Margarget
There's a Road Drowned in Starlight - Doctor Who RPF, 4400 words, indie band AU, Matt/Karen/Arthur
Before the Dawn - Revenge, 600 words, Emily character study
the ties that hold us together - BBT, 1900 words, Sheldon/Wil high school AU
already on the outskirts - BBT/Sherlock, 1100 words, Sheldon/Molly
I'm in Love (with the way you're in love with the night) - Fringe/Sherlock, 1000 words, Olivia/Lestrade

I think I'm going to try to do some yuletide treats this year, hopefully, and I've still got to do something with the Cotton Candy Bingo fics, although every time I've tried to write something for them they've turned out distinctively UNfluffy. Okaaaaaaaay. I am going to go wash the dishes and maybe catch up on last week's shows, because I feel like I'm behind on everything, blergh.

(Yes, I have less than two months to hold myself to my New Year's promise re: my draft, I know, I KNOW, I'm on it I swear. Aghhh.)
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