Dear Yuletide Writer (2015)

Ahhh yuletide!!! Somehow sign-ups always coincide right when things get fairly topsy-turvy, so hopefully everything makes sense. The most important thing is: whatever you give me, I am going to love. It's a fic written for me!!! Why would I ever not love it!!!! So please please please don't stress!! <333

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Dear Yuletide Writer (2014)

Ahhhh hello! I can't believe Yuletide is already here again!

Okay, so this year I picked three very small fandoms that I utterly adore, so honestly, anything that you write is going to make me terribly happy. With that in mind:


General Likes: I love character driven fic, tropes, and I adore banter. All of my requests are 'shippy OR gen, and that's just because what I love most about these relationships are the character interactions, no matter what context you choose to go with =)

General Dislikes: I'd rather not have any sort of pregnancy fic, infidelity, and I'd prefer no PWP. (I don't mind higher rated stories, I'd just prefer they be part of something more.)


Intelligence (US TV 2014): Riley Neal/Gabriel Vaughn

Riley/Gabriel, or if you don't ship them, Riley & Gabriel! I really adored this show, and I'd love anything post-series - of the three, this is the more serious show, but I'm a fan of tropes, so don't let that dissuade you!

(First off lol I'm sorry I typed Riley/Neal instead of Riley/Gabriel?? I signed up at like one am on the last day, and I was tired and an idiot, oh dear.) SO. THESE TWO. Darling self-sacrificing idiots, which is totally 100% my jam. My favorite thing about them is how open they are with each other - which is a lot for me, especially given the way this type of relationship is usually portrayed. But Riley never, ever shies away from telling Gabriel that he's a good guy, that he's more than the chip, etc, and Gabriel is just as non-subtle in telling her how much he appreciates having her at his side. I JUST LOVE THEM A LOT OKAY.

I don't have any strong opinions on what type of story you go with, but if you work best with prompts: I'm a sucker for h/c, I'm a sucker for tropes (one bed fic, handcuffed together and on the run!, undercover dating!), I'm a sucker for character studies (especially for Riley in this regard, yes please), I'm a sucker for AU's (put them in SPACE!, zombie apocalypse!, accidental time travel!, leading a revolution!), and honestly I'm a sucker for them making dumb faces at each other, so. I also really enjoy all the other characters on the show, so feel free to include as many or as few as you want! Honestly have at it!


InSecurity (CAN TV): Peter McNeil/Alex Cranston

Peter/Alex, or if you don't ship them then Peter & Alex. Mostly just keeping in tone with the show, crazy hijinks and all =) And I adore most tropes, so please feel free to trope it up!

OKAY, so I have such a soft spot for this ridiculous show, I can't even explain. I just love it so much!! I'm super on board with either a 'shippy fic or a gen fic, and I love their interactions in both seasons. I'm really, really fond of how OTT the top the show goes, and how absolutely terrible at their jobs they are while still always pulling through?!? YES. I also like all the characters on the sow, so feel free to include as many or as few as you want!

If you work better with prompts: okay, so this is a show that's always been on board with tropes, which, haha, yeah that's my jam. So tropes are great (one bed fic, handcuffed together while trying to escape bad guys AND having an ARGUMENT, sex pollen'd while trying to save the world, truth serum'd while being interrogated together and of course making it All About Them, literally any trope I'm on board), h/c (I am a SUCKER for h/c I can't help it okay), ridiculous hijinks (they have to INFILTRATE A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND'S INNER CIRCLE. WITH COOKING SKILLS AND PRETENDING TO BE LOVE THE CIRCUS?), like honestly anything in keeping with the feel of the show, I am going to absolutely love it!


Starlings (UK TV)

Loz/Fergie, or Loz & Fergie if you don't ship them! Really ANYTHING that involves these two, tbh, although I'm a fan of tropes and these two obviously work very well with ridiculous hijinks!

I adored this show SO MUCH and every time I rewatch it I just roll around in the Fergie and Loz scenes. Again, this is a show that has a strong ensemble, and I love all the characters, so feel free to add or as many or as few as you want! When it comes to Fergie and Loz, once again I'm up for 'shippy or gen, wherever you want to go. My favorite thing is that they were kind of the odd ones out when it comes to their family, but they've really found a best friend/Important Person in the other, and I love that they both have someone that they come first with, with each other, y'know? Plus, their dumb adorableness. That.

If you work best with a prompt: Anything with misadventure would fun (they end up in the middle of a murder case!, taken hostage by incompetent criminals!, accidentally hired by traveling circus! etc), anything with tropes (handcuffed together while trying to drive across England!, one bed/first time feelings fic!, fake dating!), honestly anything with hijinks, is what I'm trying to say. I am all about these two + hijinks. If you go the shippy way, I'd prefer first time to established, but honestly if you have something in mind, go for it!


Okay, thank you so much, and I'm so excited! Yay yuletide! ;)


some people do not even touch | Life fic; Crews/Reese

Title: some people do not even touch
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1400
Disclaimer: Life isn't mine (except my own)
Summary: “We can’t do most things without making a mess, Reese,” he says. “That’s the beauty of life.”

galfridian gave me an amazing prompt some four months ago, which was: "there are things sadder / than you and i. some people/do not even touch"

(ilu Jess sorry for taking forever)

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Ahhhh yuletide is here again!  (wow, where did the year go??)  I AM SO PLEASED.  And let me say, in brightly colored and wavy font, how absolutely thrilled I am that you're writing me a story!  Honestly, above all else, and before I get into any of the stuff below, I am just so happy about that.  No matter what.  Thank you!

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FIC: Called Your Name (in my sleep) | Elementary; Sherlock/Joan

Title: Called Your Name (in my sleep)
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1400
Disclaimer: Neither Elementary nor MASH is mine, etc.
Summary: Sherlock/Joan; Elementary MASH AU.


A/N: Written for poetry_fiction for -

called your name
in my sleep
sitting and waiting
thought you would awake me

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FIC: What Doesn't Kill You (makes you stronger) | BBT Saturnalia fic for @lisatook

Title: What Doesn't Kill You (makes you stronger)
Rating: T
Word Count: ~6k
Disclaimer: BBT isn’t mine, etc.
Summary: Every fandom needs a horror story. (Or: so your life isn’t the genre you thought it was, are you going to cry about it or are you going to beat the crap out of something?)

A/N: This is terribly late, because I am the actual worst.

Saturnalia fic for weasleytook, who's been too patient by far, and is genuinely one of the sweetest, smartest, best people ever.


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