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Ahhhh yuletide is here again!  (wow, where did the year go??)  I AM SO PLEASED.  And let me say, in brightly colored and wavy font, how absolutely thrilled I am that you're writing me a story!  Honestly, above all else, and before I get into any of the stuff below, I am just so happy about that.  No matter what.  Thank you!


Okay, general stuff:

Likes: tropes (oh man I love me some tropes), banter, affectionate bickering, family-out-of-friends, the genuine decency of people, complaining heroes, hijinks (all of the hijinks!), h/c, and affection <3

Dislike: infidelity, pregnancy fic, and I'd prefer no PWP


InSecurity (tv): Peter/Alex, or if you don't ship them then Peter & Alex. Mostly just keeping in tone with the show, crazy hijinks and all =) And I adore most tropes, so please feel free to trope it up!

I adore this show, okay, I ADORE it, I just love it so so much, and these two, right, THESE TWO.  Just, really anything that involves them, I am going to love it tbqh, I am going to LOVE it.  If you want prompts: kidnapped!, tied together!, undercover on a cruise ship as a married couple!, anything that's tropey and runs with the feel of the show!  =D

Starlings (tv): Loz/Fergie, or Loz & Fergie if you don't ship them! Really ANYTHING that involves these two, tbh, although I'm a fan of tropes and these two obviously work very well with ridiculous hijinks =)

I adored this show SO MUCH and then no one I know watched it, and every time I rewatch it I just roll around in the Fergie and Loz scenes. Again, this is a show that has a strong ensemble, and I love the whole ensemble, so feel free to add any characters or none at all.

I'm good with any sort of story, although if you prefer a prompt I'd say anything with misadventure. They get lost, they end up in the middle of a murder case, they get taken hostage by incompetent criminals, they accidentally get hired by a traveling circus, etc. If you go with the 'shippy route, I'd prefer first time rather than established, but that's not a hard and fast rule, either. Basically they're just the best, and anything you write will make me happy!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011): I hope I'm not the only one who watched this movie and whispered OT3 underneath my breath! Alfred/Harriet/Muhammed post-movie? Or Alfred/Harried + Muhmammed most movie, if you prefer! Really anything with these three post-movie will make me happy, tbh!

As soon as I'd watched this movie I knew I wanted more - but sadly, that nowhere was sadly lacking in the world!  I reaaaaally would enjoy an OT3 of them, but if that's not in your wheelhouse please don't fret!  I would also adore Alfred/Harriet with Muhammed as a friend!  Honestly anything post-movie would be MAGICAL!

Sharknado (2013): All I really want here is Nova-centric fic. It can deal with her background pre-movie, or with her dealing post-movie - really anything. All I ask is that it isn't crack.

Okay, so this is a little hard to explain, but I watched this movie when I was having a really terrible day, and I purposefully had my friend spoil me on who lived/died so that I wouldn't get invested in anyone that was going to bite it, and Nova was just - she was just exactly what I needed.  She will ALWAYS be exactly what I need.  She is a goddamn diamond, okay.  So really anything about her, pre-movie, post-movie, whatever you want.  If you want prompts, have her fighting off more sharks in round two, have her fighting SPACE sharks, have her taking a road trip across the country to find herself, have her becoming fucking president of the united states because she should be, okay, she should be.  At the very least, she's president of my heart.

(No but srsly I absolutely adore her, and anything played serious and not crack I will love.)

Teen Wolf (rpf): R/Melissa/Linden, or just the three of them hanging around after a convention. But I'd be really really here for some actual OT3. (I prefer no cheating fic, so just an AU where they're all single is the easiest tbh). But these gorgeous dorks. Just anything with them will make me terribly happy!

Okay, so this happened:

And that is really all I can say about that, besides Melissa and JR's mutual adoration on twitter, and yeah, yeah, I am really really into it.  Really into it.  If you want prompts: road trip, hotel room after a convention, hanging out in the trailers, kidnapped!, going on vacation together because really hot ppl should always go on vacation together, honestly whatevvvver you want to do!


Most of all, though, I just want to tell you how excited I am that it's ~*~*~ yuletide~*~*~ and that no matter what you write, I am absolutely POSITIVE that I will ADORE it!!!

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