wolfie (muir_wolf) wrote,

Trope_Bingo Card

Jumping on the bandwagon, even though I'm absolutely terrible at follow-through. (Remember Cotton Candy Bingo? Yep. That didn't happen.)

Anyway, here's my card:

huddle for warmth [lbd, gigi.lydia] truth or dare mind control game night au: daemons
au: coffee shop [new girl, nick.jess] bodyswap au: neighbors kiss to save the day au: magic
forced to marry snowed in FREE

sex pollen rivals to lovers [scandal; olivia.david]
poker/strip poker fuck or die handcuffed / bound together locked in au: cop / detective
food porn accidental marriage fusion virginfic / secretly a virgin fake relationship [parks and rec, ann.ron]

Card in JPG format
Tags: fic bingo, trope_bingo
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